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Raise Your Vibe & Find Your Roll!
A 30-day Mindset Challenge to start weaving a life free of overwhelm, negativity, and defeat. Start taking back control of your mind to help you capture your power, live your purpose and weave your dreams to life!
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We are both the lock and key. Master the mindset that helps unlock the door to your Destiny.

My name is Andrea, lead coach and a licensed therapist with over 15 years helping others overcome blocks and barriers to living the good life. I’ve spent most of my life seeking to understand our life’s experiences through psychology, neuroscience, eastern religions and (especially fascinating), the study of the human condition. 

In the next 30 days I’m going to give you a running start into the land of dreamweaving. A land that understands the incredible power that our minds that over us and the power WE get to start having over IT once we learn how to take back the reigns, and start working against the grain that threatens to keeps us trapped in a box. 

Over the next 30 days, we’re going to be giving one short video a day with a corresponding worksheets for you to start practicing each of these ideas in REAL time. As with anything, the more you put in to this, the more your gonna get out of it. So give yourself the gift of full attention here.. The stuff you are going to encounter here is PURE gold and I don’t want you to miss a bit of it. So EVEN if something you see or hear FEELS like it’s ‘too simple’ to work. I promise you, sometimes our minds overcomplicate things and sometimes the ANSWER to our problems IS that simple. 

So please don’t get into a space of “I Know I know I know”... stay open, stay committed, give yourself those gifts because if you really practice these things honestly, deeply, and with the whole of your being you ARE going to start creating a new set of experiences for yourself and your life that IS the foundation of keeping your vibe high for all the Wonderful things to come! 

And don’t forget to reach out if you have any questions, need clarification, or want to book a private session to talk more about anything you’ve uncovered because I am SO looking forward to being with you on this journey and I am here to help in any way I can.

So with all that said, it’s time to get started, keep an eye out on your inbox for your day one challenge, cause it’s time to rock and roll!


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